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Tanzania Safari

The Great Migration in Tanzania

                                                      10 Day Classic Tanzania Safari


Contact us to plan your own custom-made private safari like this one that emphasizes luxury in exotic Tanzania You will be staying in 5-star accommodations, enjoying more extra activities and traveling in maximum comfort.

Days 1-2: Depart USA                        Arrive Kilimanjaro Airport                                              Mountain Village


You will be greeted this evening by our representative and escorted to your hotel. Nestled in the heart of a coffee plantation on the shores of Lake Duluti, near Arusha, Mountain Village is the perfect place to relax before or after experiencing the adventure of a Safari.

Designed as an African village, it is renowned for its collection of spectacular bougainvillea. Accommodations are housed in banana stem thatched huts. All guest rooms have private balconies that boast magnificent views of the mighty snow-capped Kilimanjaro on one side and Lake Duluti and the rugged peaks of Mount Meru on the other. Overnight at hotel (bed and breakfast) Mountain Village

Day 3:                                                 Serengeti                                                             Serena Serengeti Lodge


After breakfast, your Tanzania Safari begins! You will take the scheduled flight to the Serengeti Airstrip as we begin our adventure. We start our search at the Serengeti Serena Lodge.

Set high of the saddle of a tree-clad ridge giving guests a commanding view of the endlessly rolling plains of the mighty Serengeti, the Serena Safari lodge is the ultimate fusion of traditional African architecture and world-class style.

Drawing an inspiration from the circular “Rondavel” dwellings of the Masai and the winding paths of traditional villages, the Lodge features thickly-thatched, stone-built rooms spaciously set among the groves of indigenous trees and cooled by sparkling streams and ponds. Each room has an ensuite bathroom with hot and cold water, showers, flush toilets and electricity.

The great Rhino of the Serengeti

The Serengeti is huge reaching up to the Kenyan border and extending almost to Lake Victoria. The park is teaming with stunning wildlife where over 3 million animals roam the plains. You can witness the animal migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest in search of water and forage as the seasons change.

The Serengeti has large herds of antelope of all sorts including: Patterson's eland, klipspringer, dikdik, impala, zebra, gazelles, water bush and reed buck, topi, kongoni, cotton's oribi, grey bush duiker, roan antelope buffalo and wildebeest plus lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal. Smaller mammals: spring hare, porcupine, warthog, hyraxes, baboon, vervet monkey, colobus monkey, patas monkey and mongooses. Larger mammals: giraffe, rhino, elephant and hippopotamus plus nearly 500 species of bird, including vultures, storks, flamingoes, martial and fish eagles ostrich. Reptiles: crocodiles, a number of species of snakes and lizards.

Day 4:                                              Serengeti                                                          Serena Serengeti Lodge

This will be a day of full game drives where you will experience the vastness of the Serengeti and its Circle of Life that has occurred on this spot for millions of years.

Day 5:                                              Olduvai Gorg-Ngorongoro Crater                          Serena Crater Lodge


It will be a game drive most of the way to the Gorge. Olduvai is a Historic Site; for it was here that the Leakey family discovered early hominid man that further solidified the evidence that Africa is the Cradle of Mankind. After a picnic lunch we continue to the Ngorongoro Crater.

Masai Warrior on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

The famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The crater (2000 feet deep and 100 square miles) is a microcosm of East African scenery and game. Scenic granduer and stunning views are the hallmark of this wonder of the world. All lodges are built high on the crater rim andafford amazing views over and into the crater - the perfectsetting for a well-deserved sundowner.

There are 25,000 larger animals within the crater itself,mostly zebra and wildebeest. However, this is undoubtedly the best place to see black rhino in Tanzania as well as prides of lion that include the magnificent black-maned males. There are lots of colorful flamingoes and a variety of other waterbirds around the soda lake on the crater floor. More than100 species of bird not found in the Serengeti have been found in the crater. Other game: leopard, cheetah, hyena, elephants, warthog, impala, buffalo, hartebeest, eland and lots of other members of the antelope family and smaller mammals.

You will arrive at your lodge that is perched on the rim of the Crater. Enjoy sitting on the terrace and watching the sun disappear into the Crater, then on to dinner

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge

Perched on the jagged rim of the crater, wreathed in morning mist, camouflaged in river-stone and cloaked in indigenous creepers, the Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge is a triumph of ecological and architectural fusion.

It has beena longday. You'llfeel much better after a warm shower. In case you missed it, the Crater Rim is 7,800 feet above sea level so it is a sweater of fleece time tonight. Are your journals up to date? Great!

Day 6:                                                    The Crater                                                        Serena Crater Lodge

This morning you will descend to the crater floor. Visitors are allowed a maximum of 6 hours to view the animals and birds so we will provide a picnic lunch. Upon your return and after a rest and shower, it will soon be time for a sundowner and dinner, the perfect ending to a fabulous day.

Day 7:                                        Gibbs Farm-Tarangire National Park                                   Tarangire Simba Lodge

Our first stop will be at Gibbs Farm, a coffee plantation and farm. You will explore these interesting grounds before lunch. You will continue to Tarangire National Park and the Tarangire Simba Lodge.

It is the vast number of baobabs that first capture the eye as you enter Tarangire National Park. The gently rolling countryside is dotted with these majestic trees, which seem to dwarf the animals that feed beneath them.

Grevy's Zebra taking a risk in the lake

A dangerous task

The park is spectacular in the dry season when many of the migratory wildlife species come back to the permanent waters of Tarangire River. Huge herds of wildebeest, zebras, elephants, eland and oryx gather to stay in Tarangire until the onset of the rains when they migrate again to good grazing areas.

Day 8:                                                    Tarangire National Park                                     Tarangire Simba Lodge


This will be a full day with morning and afternoon game drives plus a most interesting visit to the Masai Village where you will see how this famous tribe lives and interacts with nature.

Day 9:                                                    Arusha-Airport


We will start with your last game drive followed by breakfast. We’ll drive to Arusha with a picnic lunch and once there do some last minute shopping and sightseeing. We will have an early dinner on your own (Depending on your flight. There may be dinner on board) and then take you to the airport.

Day 10: Return Home

It is our fond hope that you will always remember Africa, the gentle people, the Circle of Life and our animals...our magnificent animals!


Asante Sana!

pricing upon request

Contact us: 516.200.5016


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