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Coming face to face with a great white shark in Cape Town


The most important feature of your safari will be the exciting game drives. A sight to behold! However, many travelers want to go “beyond” the game drives and do and see more. Below you will find a list of many activities available when creating your very own African Safari. If you have any questions or heard/read about other safari activities that are not listed here we will most assuredly accommodate you.

  • Native Cultural Experience

  • Bush Walk

  • Hot Air Ballooning

  • Nature Lectures

  • Plantation, Farm Visit

  • Children's Activities

  • Art galleries

  • Museums and Shopping

  • Snake Safari

  • Golf

  • Victoria Falls

  • Photo Safari

  • Honeymoon Safari

  • Artist Safari

  • Source of the Nile Safari

  • Gorilla Trekking

  • Whitewater Rafting

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Horse-riding Safari

  • Fishing Safari

  • Cradle of Mankind Safari

  • Namibia Coast & Dunes

  • Bird Watching Safaris

  • Special Group Safaris


Native Cultural Experience: Visit the Masai in Kenya and Tanzania and the Bushmen of Botswana. Start with an interactive visit to their homes and walk with them through their tribal lands. You will learn about these unique tribes and their ancient customs. They will introduce you to different herbs, plants, water sources, etc., before visiting a rural school and interacting with the children and teachers. Lunch will be served in the bush.

Visits to Tea, Coffee or Spice Plantations: You can organize your safari around the horticulture, agriculture and dairy farming of Africa…or simply take a day trip. Remember it’s all up to you!

Bush Walk: If you want to really feel a part of Africa, walk on it, in the bush. You will be accompanied by a naturalist who will open your eyes and hearts to the splendor of this beautiful land.

Eating in the Bush: While on a game drive you may want to picnic in the bush. We’ll arrange it.

Hot Air Ballooning: Imagine floating in absolute silence in the early morning looking down on your giant shadow covering a herd of wildebeest that are enjoying their first meal of the day. There is no more spectacular way to see Africa and its wildlife before finally descending to an elegant champagne breakfast.

Nature Lectures: We can also arrange for a resident naturalist who will discuss flora, fauna, climate and the many natural mysteries of the fabric of Africa.

Art Galleries, Museums and Shopping: Nairobi’s treasures are yours to discover with our guides.

Special Night and Dinner at a Private Mansion: Stay as a guest in a private home overlooking Nairobi National Park. This would be a unique, unforgettable stop on your journey. This amazing home is available on a limited basis for a lunch or dinner or even an overnight accommodation. The house is a treasure with some of the finest and most unique African Arts and Artifacts.

Mountain Climbing: Come see Kenya and Tanzania from the breathtaking heights of Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. A Kili expedition can be from 5-9 days long. You will have your own guide and porters and will sleep in luxury tents and see more stars than anyplace on earth. Climb requires stamina but you don’t have to be an alpinist. Non-summit programs 2-3 days and day trips are also offered. Mt. Kenya expeditions are 3-5 days as well as day trips.


For the Honeymooners: What could be more romantic and adventurous than spending your honeymoon on an African Safari with the last few days relaxing on the exotic Island of Zanzibar. We can customize an ideal honeymoon as luxurious and private as you desire.

"Football:" How about a “football” match with a rural school team? Would they like to spend time in a Kenyan school and participate in their daily curriculum and activities? We can schedule these activities within your safari itinerary.

For the Discreet High-end Traveler: If one prefers the ultimate in luxury and privacy, there are camps, lodges and ranches that are special in every sense of the word. Listed below are few of the best. We have included their website addresses. It is worth the look.


Lewa Downs in Lakipia:
Ol Malo/Lakipia (caters to honeymooners):

Il Moran Camp/Masai Mara:

Bateleur Camp/Masai Mara:

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge:

Klein’s Camp/Serengeti:

Kwara Camp/Okavango Delta, Botswana:

Etosha Aoba Lodge/Namibia:

Mnemba Island/Zanzibar:

Fishing Safari: Fly fishing in the highland trout streams of the Aberdares, catch tiger fish and bream in the Chobe in Northern Botswana or sport fishing in the Indian Ocean and more… a remarkable experience.

Photo-Wildlife Filming Safari: Every safari is a photo safari! The endless landscape, the riverine forests and the animals and birds make Africa a photographer’s paradise. Our custom, private safaris give you complete freedom to photograph to your heart’s content. If you are a serious photographer, you can live and film in the bush with professionals. Learn the art of filming in the wild and editing in the bush with expert instruction in the art of story telling.

Group Safari: We create custom safaris for organizations, groups, and schools with students 12+. These “safaris and beyond” will cater to the specific interests of the group including providing local experts in the fields of expertise required.

Children’s Activities: How would your children like to be part of a Ranger Survival course or a half-day spent in the company of a Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger to learn about his routine day?

The Art of Africa Safari: Imagine painting the sunset at Kilimanjaro with a huge herd of elephants in the foreground or a half million flamingos feeding in Lake Nakuru or the elegant giraffe feeding on the top of an acacia tree. The number of extraordinary subjects in Africa is infinite. We can also offer the services of a prominent local artist.

Bird Watching Safari: Kenya has 1100 species of birds, 11% of the world’s total. It is heaven for bird lovers and an incredible eye- opening experience for those who are new to the sport.

Camel Rides

Cradle of Mankind Safari: For visitors with a passion for Africa, anthropologists, photographers and explorers, the Cradle of Mankind explores the Leakey Research Site as well as visiting nearly extinct tribes in the Northern Region.

Horseback Safari: Would you enjoy riding on 1.4 million acres of untouched and unfenced East African Wilderness under the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro? You will ride amongst the Big Five animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) and sleep in comfortable tents after a superb dinner. You can if you are an accomplished rider.

Camel Trekking Safari: For the traveler who wants to experience the African Bush at its most natural, to enjoy the land that has remained unchanged since time began, a camel safari is a great option!

Snake Safari: Not for the faint hearted! Search for, study and release the Big Five: Cobra, Mamba, Giant Viper, Boomslang, and the giant, African Rock Python!

Golfing Safari: The beauty of custom safaris is the ability to do whatever it is you want. How about golf? Kenya has 40 golf courses, ten that are used for championship events. In Kenya it is golf weather all year round. We can arrange a one-day outing or an entire trip devoted to golf.

Source of the Nile Safari: This extraordinary safari takes you from a safari on the Masai Mara to the source of the Nile in Uganda where the waters pour out of Lake Victoria into a river called the Nile. Continue to Murchison’s Falls where the Nile pours through a 21-foot opening in a canyon! You will see both sides of the Falls. Before returning home you will fish for 100 lb perch and venture into the forest to see Chimpanzees in the wild.

Gorilla Trekking: While in Uganda you can travel to the Rwanda border and to the Parc National des Volcans for one of the most amazing sights in the world, a visit to a family of gorillas living in the wild.

Victoria Falls: If you plan to visit Botswana or Namibia, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Namibia Coast and Dunes: Namibia is one of the most desolate countries in the world with 7 persons per square mile. It has great wildlife in the Etosha area, the world’s highest sand dunes and the mysterious wild Skeleton Coast. This is a truly fascinating country that relatively few people have explored.

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